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Marriages & Engagements

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Marriage of M.H. Warren and Alice Cottingham New
Retirement of C.P. Shands and Marriage of E.M. Turner and Julia Williams
Marriages of Yates-Howard and Lovett-Jordan
Marriage of T.J. Wideman and Delia Lindsey New
Marriage of Avery Flatt Duke and Mrs. Louisa Fix
Marriage of Ridgell-Polk
Marriage of Jess Moore & Blanche Crawford
Marriage of W.C. Means & Sallie Douglas
Marriage of Price Butler & Jennie Harvey
Marriage of Charles A. Bookstaven & Mabel A. Adkins
Marriage of Egbert McLendon & Georgia Munden
Marriage of S.I. Chapman & Effie Montgomery
Marriage of R.E. Dick & Lucille Yates
Marriage of John B. Yates & Cora Bell Lester
Marriage of Dennis R. Newton & Eva Herring
Marriage of J.B. Thompson & M.A. Rodden
Marriage of T.W. Reeves & Carrie Phillips
Marriage of Dr. William M. Garrett & Mamie Reading
Marriage of Tom Dennehey & Delia Higgins
Higgins-Denehy Wedding
Marriage of Ernest E. Smith & Ophelia Merkel
Marriage of John Keith & Mary Crutcher New
Marriage of Stevenson-Lane
Marriage of I. J. (S.J.?) Keltner & Mrs. Brice (Price?) Hicks
Marriage of Pat O'Connor & Johanna Vaughan
Marriage of W.J. Williams and Fannie Lewis
Marriage of Lewis W. Voiers & Ethel Matthews
Marriage of Pinson-Gaston
Marriage License Issued for Wallace Pickard & Bettie Coats
Marriage License Issued for Omer Kemp & Ola Waldrip
Marriage of Cleo K. Farmer & Albert A. Hinton
Marriage of Elizabeth McKellar & Paul Hamilton
Marriage of Cleo K. Farmer & Albert A. Hinton
Marriage of James T. Rhea & Mary Delma Houser
Marriage of Gordon West & Ellen Brooks
Marriage of Joe Holloway & Ollie McMahan
Marriage of Larry Robertson & Louise Boone
Costello-Dennehy Wedding - Date Unknown
Marriage of Leona Belle Lewis and John Murrell Hunter
Marriage of Aubrey B. Penny & Edna M. Dozier
Wedding Shower for Margaret Jones (T. Lewis Jones)
Marriage License for Bishop Spencer & Emma J. Crosby
Marriage of Rollie Alonzo Weatherford & Omogene Hill
Engagement of Louis Irl Dietz & Linn Griffin
Marriage of Louis Irl Dietz & Linn Griffin
Marriage of Manford Blackburn & Juanita Bowles
Marriage of Orville W. Reagin & Florence Williams
Anniversary of Robert S. & Aseneath Cobb
Marriage of Wilson P. Roach & Dora Thomas
Marriage of Gordon Crittenden & Elizabeth Quinker
Marriage of Roy E.W. Johnson & Willie Mae Chapman
Engagement of James W. Berry & Betty E. Farmer
Wedding Announcement of James W. Berry & Betty E. Farmer
Engagement of Frank Daniels & Lottie Roland
Marriage of Charles A. Emerson Jr. & Helen Davis
Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Lindsey
Marriage of Joe Potter & Ester Holland
Ruth Edwards Will Become the Bride of Albert L. Greer
Ruth Edwards, Forney Bride-Elect, Honored
Sister Entertains for Ruth Edwards
Engagement of Carl McWherter & Margarett Davis
Jennings-Riter Wedding
Miss Gammons Becomes Bride of Mr. Shanks
Marriage of James Tune and Mayme Dell Lindsey
Marriage of George Olen Wilson to Billie Suttle
Marriage of Leonard C. Reagin & Mary Ann Denman
Marriage of Huey Hogan & Louise Glasgow
Marriage of Neill Flemister & Genell Hutto
Marriage of Grady Jones & Bobby Christzburg
Marriage of Lois Farmer and Kendrick Shanks
Wedding Shower for Lois Farmer Shanks
Engagement of Mack Daugherty & Onita Cole
Edna Owens Bride of Fred R. Kimsey
1940's (unknown date)
Marriage of Bennie Jo Bozeman and Jack S. Trott
Marriage of W.H. McCleskey & Frances Jones
Marriage of Ollie V. Stark and Helen Marie Dozier
Shower for Adelaide Criswell (Tom Whittemore)
Engagement of Fred Lewis, Jr. and Martha Britton
Marriage of Ray Adams, Jr. & Mary Linn Taylor
Marriage of Jack Campbell & Francine Richman
Marriage of Margaret Anne Lewis and Carl C. McConachie
Engagement of James W. Downer & Elizabeth Jones
Marriage of James W. Downer & Elizabeth Jones
Marriage of Burl Hulsey & Corrine Hugghins
Marriage of Lieut. William McNown & Edna Herman
Marriage of James C. Griffin Jr. & Claudine Neal
Marriage of Dr. Walter F. Shepherd & Valarie Sanderson
Engagement of Riter C. Hulsey & Gloria Gill
Marriage of Riter C. Hulsey & Gloria Gill
Marriage of Clifford C. Burch & Yvonne Eden
Marriage of William O. Costello & Maxine Crawford
Marriage of Carl C. Senter & Linn C. Roland
Marriage of Lt. Conway Carl Senter Jr. & Rosemary Thomas
Engagement of Lt. Taylor Armstrong & Carolyn Senter
Rites Unite Carolyn Senter, Lt. Edwin Taylor Armstrong
Marriage of James McCormack & Mary Hill
Marriage of Clifford C. Burch and Clara V. Abbott
Marriage of James R. Neal and Cora A. Cole
Marriage of Joseph Collins & Margaret Crosby
Marriage of Luther Crow & Doris Griffin
Marriages of Virgil Holt & Betty Conner, Bobby Roberson & Sara Conner
Marriage of John Walker & Kathleen Costello
Engagement of Donald Tauchen and Mary L. Brooks
Engagement of James F. Isbell & Jeanne Crawford
Engagement of James M. Burchfield & Dorothy H. Ways
Marriage of James M. Burchfield & Dorothy H. Ways
Marriage of Raymond G. Flaherty & Sarah K. Childress
Engagement of Tommy E. Holloway Jr. & Sondra Jean Darr
Engagement of Howell N. Forman Jr. & Ethel C. Hantske
Engagement of Dr. Leon B. Sowell & Mary A. Crosier
Marriage of James Fitzpatrick & Sally Brooks
Marriage of Robert L. Badgett & Dorothy Allison
Marriage of Neil Keith Boone & Mary Kathryn Buick
Marriage of Ernest R. Buice & Hazel F. Truesdale
Engagement of Dan Carpenter & Mary McMillen
Marriage of Owen Walker and Dr. Christine Zarafonetis
Marriage of Bynum E. Smith & Betty Owens
Engagement of Harold L. Evans & Sally McGlon
Engagement of James R. Smith & Margaret I. Taylor
Marriage of James R. Smith & Margaret I. Taylor
Luncheon to Fete Miss Ann Greer
Marriage of Guyton McKellar & Ann Greer
Marriage of J.C. Mitchell & Bettye Taylor
Engagement of George A. Venner & Patricia Paschall
Marriage of George A. Venner & Patricia Paschall
Engagement of Billy Hawk & McMahan
Marriage of Billy Hawk & Charleta McMahan
Marriage of Jack Lewallen & Sally Moore
Marriage of James Hood & Doris Smith
Marriage of Reinder H. Duvall & Morna D. Gleghorn
Marriage of Elmer D. Wilson & Patricia M. Pinson
Engagement of Fred Cook & Nora Brennan
Nora Rita Brennan Exchanges Nuptial Vows with Fred Cook
Engagement of Simon Floyd & Virginia King
Marriage of Simon Floyd & Virginia King
Leta Lu Barkley to Become Bride of J.A. Harper
Miss Leta Lu Barkley Weds J.A. Harper Jr.
Engagement of Andrew Layden & Alberta Coleman
Marriage of Mildred Ruth Thomas and Richard Don Garner
Marriage of Joanne Marshburn & David Yandell
Charlotte Pinion Becomes Bride of Wayne Krider
Mary Adams Will Marry Richard Byrne
Reception for Mr. and Mrs. William H. & Eleanor Luton Crawford
Marriage of Frank T. Pope & Geneva J. Cox
Marriage of Robert Hamblen & Constance Goodrich
Marriage of Jimmy Adams & Nelda Brummett
Marriage of Patrick J. Costello & Ann Ruth Bell
Marriage of Bobby G. Clark & Clara M. Hannon
Marriage of Larry Dean & Laura Daugherty
Engagement of James Lott & Virglyn Belew
Marriage of George P. Buharin Jr. & Marilyn Davis
Marriage of Bobby Grubbs & Sandra Hale
Dorothy Roberts Marries William Edgar Lyle Jr.
Miss Gloria Ann Crenshaw Weds Dewey Wayne Burger
Marriage of Dennis Costello & Jackie Pippins
Marriage of Myra Shipley & James C. Norris
Judith Venner Says Vows with James Hendricks Jr.
Marriage of Gene Hickson & Jo Ann McCallum
Marriage of Claude King & Elizabeth Brummett
Marriage of Rev. James Greer & Margaret Clyborne
Engagement of Edward C. Griffith & Martha A. Hamblen
Marriage of Lt. Harris E. Haynes & Betty Jo Pippins
Marriage of Billy Kinard & Sharon K. Martin
Engagement of Richard Bramblett & Patsy Platt
Marriage of Richard Bramblett & Patsy Platt
Engagement of Jerry Gibson & Jo Ann Allen
Marriage of Dennis C. McCuistion & Patsy A. Vineyard
Engagement of Gary E. Vice & Nancy G. Hatley
Marriage of Gary E. Vice & Nancy G. Hatley
Engagement of Paschall Hamblen & Vicki Hulett
Marriage of Paschall Hamblen & Vicki Hulett
Marriage of H.G. Harries & Mrs. Vince Ella Mitchell
Engagement of Robert C. Bullard & Gwendolyn A. Askew
Marriage of Robert C. Bullard & Gwendolyn A. Askew
Marriage of Leslie V. Stark & Sharon M. Loftin
Engagement of Charles Futrell & Mary Young
Marriage of Charles Futrell & Mary Young
Marriage of Scott J. Bumpas & Dora E. Page
Marriage of Dennie Joe Bannister & Linda Kay Henson
Marriage of David M. Townsend & Donna A. Day
Marriage of Richard J. Norwood and Sue Ella Pinson
Marriage of Wilton Earle & Equillia McKinnon
Marriage of Robert J. Gaida & Sheila J. Stewart
Marriage of Sammy E. Buler & Brenda A. Bell
Engagement of Aaron T. Stuart & Deborah A. Singleton
Marriage of Terrell Fitzgerald & Rebecca Cates
Marriage of Terry L. Lunsford & Donna J. Skaggs
Marriage of Donald E. Hamm & Joy M. Carter
Marriage of Dan M. Trott & Rose F. Dennis
Marriage of Gary Gleghorn & Betty Rice
Marriage of Richard Cox & Debby Baker
Engagement of Richard Bayliss & Jena Jacobs
Marriage of Richard Bayliss & Jena Jacobs
Marriage of Michael Brock & Ann McCuistion
Marriage of Dan M. Trott & Rose F. Dennis
Engagement of Frank Alexander & Denise Baker
Marriage of Frank Alexander & Denise Baker
Marriage of Dan Chapman & Linda English
Engagement of Charles Bratcher & Cynthia Daugherty
Marriage of Charles Bratcher & Cynthia Daugherty
Engagement of David Harmon & Martha Luce
Marriage of Johnnie Jones & Diane LeRoy
Marriage of Larry King & Kimberley Crawford
Marriage of Dennis Eastep & Teresa Duckworth
Marriage of Darrell Hobbs & Paula Hughes
Marriage of David Harmon & Martha Luce


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